Obligatory Clarification

We are a non-partisan, non-governmental and apolitical initiative.

We are neither supported by, nor do we support, any specific political party.

We support your right to vote – and we urge you to exercise it responsibly.

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Mission Statement

“Don’t tell us what’s wrong with Pakistan, tell us what we’re going to do about it”.

Our mission is to educate ourselves, our peers and our compatriots about their most basic right: their vote. We want to help people understand the power of their voice and to encourage them to utilize their ideas and opinions in the best possible way; to motivate and mobilize them so they not only take affirmative action, but engage fellow Pakistanis to do the same.

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Pakistan Votes

Vote Responsibly and Intelligently

Pakistan Votes is an apolitical voter awareness campaign (set of public service messages) asking Pakistanis to protect their votes in order to minimise rigging and to select candidates intelligently in 2013.